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"If a man knows not what harbor he seeks, any wind is the right wind.”


Entrepreneur / Companies

  • When your company is going through a period of difficulty and you want to be supported by an operational and highly professional management, only for the time strictly necessary.
  • When you have special projects and you don't have suitable managers in your staff and you don't want to hire external managers indefinitely.
  • When your company does not grow as you would like or struggles to "change leather" from artisanal to industrial.

Chartered accountant / lawyer or trustee consultant

  • When the firm wants to offer a wider range of services, industrial management, with a guarantee of high professionalism and loyalty in collaboration.

Banks / Credit Institutions

  • When it is necessary to manage a company crisis.
  • When it is necessary to support relations between owners and banks during the debt renegotiation / corporate restructuring phase.
  • When there is a need to set up and manage operational recovery plans, 182 bis or agreed, in collaboration with professional firms and bank restructuring offices.
  • When you need to be supported by an industrial advisor.

Merchant bank / Investors / Private Equity

  • When the merchant bank wants to have professional managerial partnerships for its investment projects, with searches for quick managers.
  • When the investor wants to have a managerial judgment on opportunities that are presented to him through the involvement of experienced managers of a particular product / market (Business Due Diligence).


Responsibility for the intervention
Responsibility for the intervention is assumed by Studio Temporary Manager™ S.p.A. who responds to the client. Any individual operational managers entered are headed by Studio Temporary Manager ™ S.p.A. who coordinates and responds to them and, if necessary, replaces them with more appropriate managers. The contractual relationship belongs to Studio Temporary Manager ™ S.p.A. with a single contract regardless of the number of managers involved in the mission.

Continuous monitoring
Any intervention is constantly monitored by Studio Temporary Manager™ S.p.A., in order to ensure results for companies also through operational committees. The network consists of a team of managers who can intervene quickly, at any time, with important specializations to support the interim manager in charge, in any type of additional intervention required.


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