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Vendere è un lavoro tra persona e persona. Non puoi mandare i manuali di vendita a fare i contratti. I manuali di vendita non hanno le gambe e sono senza voce.
(Jim Rohn)


Marketing in the present scenario requires a holistic approach that must combine and co-ordinate a marketing-oriented vision; strategic marketing, digital marketing, operational marketing, and sales, connected and synergic. This effective business development approach is especially important for Export Management.

Even SMEs, historically less accustomed to developing a synergistic approach between Sales & Marketing, are quickly adapting to this practice. Here are all the facets of an effective and up-to-date approach:



• General strategy for approaching export markets;
• Positioning of the company or brand(s);
• Brand image / Brand identity;
• Website update and organic social media development;
• Google Ads;
• Identification of target markets;
• Market and competitor analysis (benchmarking);
• Communication and marketing strategy for entry into target markets;
• Budgeting;
• CRM;
• (possible) re-positioning in a  «green - sustainability» key.





• B2B / B2C approach;
• Direct and indirect distribution channels;
• Benchmarking;
• Online sales;
• Sales organisation;
• searching for new «leads» (in addition to those from communication activities);
• Lead management;
• CRM population and updating;
• Effective use of LinkedIn;
• Alternatives to trade fairs and conventions;
• Contribution of the Sales Force to the development of new business/product lines.


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