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"Experience first, then intellectualize."
(Carl Orff)

Studio Temporary Manager™ S.p.A. is the 1st company in Italy with entirely Italian capital, specialized in Professional Temporary Management services, in terms of turnover (see budgets) and number of missions (currently present in 45 companies with 60 managers employed), is ISO 9001:2015 - EA 37 certified for facilitated training 4.0 and has a multidisciplinary team of 40 managers, including 4 partners, 4 Equity partner, 28 Business Partner and 4 employees.

STM with main headquarter in Verona and commercial offices in Milan, Turin, Rome, Bologna and Ancona, has 17 Equity/Business Partners selected in the following towns: Milan, Bolzano, Bergamo, Brescia, Vicenza, Treviso, Padova, Venezia, Pordenone, Boulogne, Modena, Turin, Florence, Naples, Ancona, Rome and Republic of San Marino.

Studio Temporary Manager™ S.p.A. is also specialized in Executive Search & Selection of Interim and Permanent Managers, having a database of thousands of top managers and chief directors in Italy and WW, available in few days to start a new mission ( authorization of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies I003S032229 and it is registered at section IV of the Employment Agency Register).

STM deals with turnaround company projects, business improvement, development, and business relaunch. The preferred approach is through teams lead by trusted Interim Managers, supported during the mission by STM Members via specific Executive Committees.

STM adopts full flexibility in its contracts, if project goals are achieved in advance a client may reduce the mission or the client may increase the scope of the mission as required. In both these cases, our clients can decide at any moment to reduce or increase the number of days in which the managers are involved, as well as suspending the mission without any notification or penalty.


  • Team Mission: A contract solution for complex projects that require the multidisciplinary competencies of several managers and continuous monitoring.
  • Interim Full Time: A contract solution ideal for projects that require continuous supervision and strong incisiveness, typically top-level roles such as Operations and Supply Chain Management.
  • Interim Part Time (also known as fractional): A contact solution for projects that require a high degree of competence and responsibility for a medium-term period, ideal when a company needs flexibility and may have budget restraints.

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