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"As good as the strategy is, sometimes you have to check the results."
Winston Churchill



Interim management allows the customer to tailor the duration of the project contract and / or the number of days, it may happen that the customer decides to further implement the mission or that the results are obtained in advance or that the wishes of the ongoing customer, in these cases the same can decide to decrease or increase the number of days of the manager / managers involved at any time, as well as to completely stop the mission without having to acknowledge any notice.


The Interim Manager is paid after the actual day. This is why the costs of an Interim Manager do not affect internal equity, they are clear and predetermined, without the typical burdens of the permanent contract.


The Interim Manager is not "spoiled" by the daily modus operandi, by the paradigms of the market and therefore proposes solutions otherwise unrelated to the company; he is a subject accustomed to acting and can fit into the company fabric in less than two weeks because he knows the dynamics of the company, knows how to communicate with internal resources and interact with them in a short time.


The Interim Manager brings innovation, high-level skills and allows to develop projects in the drawer or new business plans, for which internal resources are considered inadequate.


The Interim Manager is intellectually independent, aims at the result and is well accepted by the structure because his intervention is aimed at growth and limited to a pre-established period of time, in the meantime transferring experience and know-how in the company, making it grow.


Even if the activity of a company is not negative, there are always great areas for improvement, which can be translated into a significant increase in the margin, seeking from time to time solutions that are appropriate to the starting company reality.


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