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“Non sempre cambiare equivale a migliorare, ma per migliorare bisogna cambiare.”


In the life of a company there can be moments when there is a need for specialist HR competencies. Company reorganizations maybe necessary to meet business challenges, such as rapid growth, mergers or downsizing, plant closures, or simply re-direction of the organizational approach and personnel management.
There may also be a need to fill a vacant HR position very quickly, while waiting for a permanent position to be created. The best solution in these cases is not to overburden the structure, but to use experienced and capable temporary HR managers to manage the change under the supervision of the company.

STM areas of focus:

 Assessment and evaluation of potential
 Company climate analysis
 Management of plant closures
 Management of organizational integration in company mergers
 Review of organization charts, procedures and job descriptions​​​​​​​
 Development of compensation policies​​​​​​​
 Training and education​​​​​​​
 Retention policies for strategic figures​​​​​​​
Team building
 Corporate Welfare​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
 Research and Selection of Temporary or Permanent managers


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