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When companies have an immediate need to cover managerial vacancies or replace managers, the Temporary Manager is the ideal solution due to the rapidity and above all the flexibility of the formula, which allows the client to use the service for the time and manner strictly necessary, with the possibility of varying or terminating the commitment at any time, without prior notice or charges and penalties to be borne by the client.

This formula becomes a very valid alternative to the employment of permanent figures with management contracts, especially in those situations where the company scenario is not yet definitive or consolidated, avoiding the risk of having to incur very high costs for the recruiting phase first and then, possibly, for the divestment phase.

STM is able to provide Senior Managers with the Temporary formula in case of:

 Immediate interim cover of First Line Staff (C-level)
 Support for M&A operations with immediate insertion of trusted managers for the time necessary until the transaction is stabilized and the subsequent insertion of Permanent Staff
 Interim Management during transition phases


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