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"Nulla è più pericoloso che risolvere problemi transitori, con soluzioni permanenti."
(Nicolás Gómez Dávila)

Studio Temporary Manager S.p.A.™ deals with corporate turnaround, improvement, development and corporate relaunch projects, through interventions in selected and trusted Interim Manager teams, supported and followed directly by the Partners during the mission in specific Executive Committees, up to the completion.

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  • Team Missions: complex projects that require a multidisciplinary team of managers that
    work together within fixed time frames;
  • Interim Full Time: carrying out defined Projects with a single manager, with continuous
    supervision and strong incisiveness which is typical of Top Management projects;
  • Interim Part Time: performance of medium-term, in which the company needs a manager
    2/3 days per week and a limited budget..



  • Definition and sharing of the objectives between STM and the company involved
  • Timing, methods of intervention and expense reports
  • Choice of the manager or the team of managers in charge
  • Development of the assignment
  • Supervising, controlling and monitoring
  • Closure of the project

Reorganizations - corporate restructuring:
Furniture (Verona) - Reorganization for development (20 months).
Flexible packaging (Verona) - Reorganization intervention (12 months).
Agribusiness (Verona) – Management support to the  Owner during a corporate reorganization (12 months).
Large Scale Distribution (Ferrara) - General Management - Corporate and Strategic Reorganization (22 months).
Jewelry/Watchmaker (Vicenza) - General Management - Corporate Reorganization (31 months).
Mechanical  Engineering  (Bergamo) - General Board - Reorganization of the Technical and the Commercial Offices (9 months).
Mechanical  Engineering (Brescia) - Reorganization of internal roles in preparation for an acquisition (3 months).

Capital advisory, business planning, industrial and/or financial partner research (M&A):
Agribusiness (Veneto) - Reorganization and divestment of the company (12 months).
Fashion & Accessories (Verona) - M&A Side-by-side to the property in the company's sales negotiation (3 months).
Real Estate (Milan) - Industrial plan and research funding (6 months).
Industrial Group (Verona) - Industrial plan and research funding (6 months).
Industrial (Verona) - Industrial plan and company valuation for share acquisition (3 months).
Machinery - Industrial (Verona) - Company valuation by acquisition (3 months).
LARGE SCALE DISTRIBUTION (Milan) - Company valuation for acquisition and exchange (2 months).
Marble (Verona) - Company valuation for business sale (3 months).
Chemical (Triveneto) - Industrial plan for listing (3 months).

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Independent presence on the Boards of Directors:
Press Machines (Verona) - Turnaround CEO (36 months).
Footwear Group (Verona) - CEO and Board Member - Reorganization and International Relaunch of the Group (32 months).
Clothing Group (Milan) - CEO and Board Member Of Directors Turnaround ex art.67 L.F. (36 months).

Strategic planning:
Industrial Equipment (Umbria) - Reorganization roles, passes. generational, repositioning. (19 months).
Clothing/Children's Footwear (Milan) - Analysis of corporate profitability. per business (4 months).
Women's Bags & Accessories (Rome) - Business Plan for the launch of a new brand in the luxury sector (3 months).
Fashion Accessories (Milan/Padova) - Business plan for the launch of a new brand (3 months).
Women's clothing high range (Mantova) – Check-up, analysis of the sales network, and retail network (2 months).
Knitwear (Vicenza) - Pre-turnaround feasibility analysis, reorganized, and commercial part (2 months).
Services (Milan) - Strategic direction - Business development project, planning business plan processing (24 months).
Agribusiness (Treviso) - Board-General - Project, and management of the process of internationalization foreign companies (36 months).
LARGE SCALE DISTRIBUTION (Verona) - CFO Development expansion plan and business plan (12 months).
Wine (Verona) - Board-General - Business Development, Action Plans, Budgeting, Business Plan, Incentive Systems (24 months).
Automotive (Milan) - Strategic plan, budgeting and management control, reorganization processes (12 months).
Fashion (Brescia) - CFO Strategic plan, business process review, IT system change, AFC management (15 months).
Footwear (Verona) - CFO Strategic and business process check-up (3 months).

Management control and business intelligence:Wood (International Group) - CFO Implementation and management of programming and control system, Co.Ind., Treasury, Directional Dashboard (36 months).
Wine (Verona) - CFO Implementation and management of programming and control system, Co.Ind., Treasury, Balanced Scorecard, Planning System (12 months).
Automotive (Verona) - CFO Implementation and management of programming and control system, Co.Ind., Treasury, Balanced Scorecard (16 months).
Retail Group (Sicilia) - CFO Implementation of planning and control system (economic and financial), control, and management of the store network (6 months).
Fashion (Brescia) - CFO Implementation and management of programming and control system, Treasury, Directional Dashboard, BI Project (15 months).

Commercial/marketing reorganization:
Services in the HO channel. RE.CA. (Ravenna) – Development of commercial office and national sales network (25 months).
Oil & Gas (Cesena) - Board General – Internal Reorganization and Creation Export Department (22 months).
Fashion & Accessories - Outlet (Rep. S. Marino) - new high-end brands in the property (12 months).
Ophthalmology (Verona) - Commercial Board & Marketing - Organiz. Comm. sales network development (9 months).
Packaging (Rep. S. Marino) - World leader, Middle East, and Eastern European market development (9 months).
Clothing (Florence) - Wedding dresses, analysis, and corporate reorganization (2 months).
Restoring post-procedure financial assets, group treasury management (27 companies), Treasury management IT project (3 months).
Footwear (Triveneto) - CFO Restructuring plan, assistance selling corporate assets, assistance with competition procedures ex art.182, banking agreements (16 months).
Clothing (Verona) - Corporate restructuring plan, business process review, action plan (12 months).
Marble (Verona) - Product positioning analysis - brands, product margins, pricing policies, commercial network management (6 months).
Wine (Verona) - Product positioning analysis - brands, product margins, pricing policies, commercial network management (8 months).
Cosmetics (Verona) - Product positioning analysis - brands, product margins (3 months).
Waste Treatment Machines (Verona) - Pricing policies, Product Costing System (3 months).
Agri-food (Sicilia) - Strategic intervention in the business development area (10 months).
Fashion (Verona) - Checkup (2 months).
Real estate (Padua) – Check-up (6 months).
Kitchens (Treviso) – Check-up (2 months).
Machinery (Udine) - Organizational Check-up (2 months).
Agricultural Machinery  (Padua) – Check-up (2 months).
Wine-producing machinery (Verona) – Check-up (2 months).
Mechanical Industrial Tools (Verona) – Check-up and draft business plan (6 months).
Jewelry (Florence) - Due diligence (3 months).

Startup, new product launch, brands, business units:
Luxury Agency (Lugano - Switzerland) - Luxury services to individuals - Startup, share plan, and ADV (12 months).
Textile (Modena) - General Coordinator - Creation and launch of A.T.I. and the supply chain of 10 fashion companies (12 months).
Online Gaming and Games Rooms (Rome) - Launch of an online portal, plan development 10 arcades (7 months).
Luxury Leather (Rimini) - Management Gen./Comm. - Launch of a new luxury segment brand (4 months).
Chemistry (Vicenza) - Startup new business: study business plan for new product launch (2 months).
Furniture (Verona) - Business plan, assistance in research funding (3 months).
Call center (Milan) - Business plan, assistance in funding research (3 months).
Interim work (Verona) - Business plan (6 months).

Information systems:
Footwear (Verona) - CFO Head of ERP Implementation Project (16 months).
Industrial (Verona) - CFO Head of ERP Implementation Project (16 months).
Hospital Machines (Milan) - CFO Head of ERP Implementation Project (12 months).
Services (Milan) - CFO Head of ERP Implementation Project (9 months).

Public companies:
ANAS SpA (Rome) - Restructuring marketing division - street advertising, drafting plan NewCo ANAS ADV (18 months).
Finance Guard (Rome) - Total clothing/divided revisiting of the 65,000 financiers, starting races at the most advantageous price (12 months).
Municipalized (Triveneto) - Company Valuation by Acquisition (3 months).


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