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"Experience first, then intellectualize."
(Carl Orff)

Studio Temporary Manager™ S.p.A. is the 2nd largest interim management provider in Italy (see budgets), it has 30 people in the team, including members, employees and business partners. Its 5 founding partners have been Interim Managers for over 20 years. They are renowned experts in their field and have written 4 books, numerous articles, and publications, and are popular speakers in interim management seminars.

Studio Temporary Manager™ S.p.A.

is based in Verona and has 3 business offices in Milan, Turin, Rome, Brescia, Bologna and Ancona. Studio Temporary Manager™ S.p.A. is concerned with corporate turnaround projects, corporate improvements, corporate development, and corporate re-launch, is currently present in 25 Italian companies with 40 selected and trusted Temporary Managers (Interim Managers). Teamwork is the preferred approach of Studio Temporary Manager™ S.p.A.  A Partner of the Studio leads a dedicated team of selected and trusted Interim Managers for the complete duration of the mission.

Studio Temporary Manager™ S.p.A.

adopts the maximum flexibility in its contracts. For example, the customer may decide to extend a mission or close a mission that is ahead of planning. In these cases, the customer can decrease or increase the number of billed days or even terminate the mission without notice.

Studio Temporary Manager™ S.p.A.

also performs the Research & Selection of Interim and Permanent Managers. It has a database of thousands of top managers, based in Italy and worldwide, many available to start a mission in a few days.  (Authorization of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies I003S032229, and enrolled in Section IV of the Register of Employment Agencies).

Chi siamoStudio Temporary Manager

The main services offered:

  • Reorganizations - corporate restructuring
  • Family Business Succession
  • Corporate Governance
  • Turnaround & Insolvency
  • Reorganizations – sales and marketing
  • Creation of Sales network
  • Start-ups of new businesses
  • M&A, Capital advisory, industrial/financial partner research
  • Reorganizations of Operations and business digitization
  • Management control, business intelligence
  • ERP implementations, analysis and software selection
  • Independent participation in the Boards of Directors
  • Strategic planning
  • Interim manager Search & Selection (Authorized by the Italian Ministry) 
  • Financial crisis management plans
  • Banking moratorium and debt restructuring
  • Production reorganization and restructuring
  • Business Continuity Contingency Plans
  • Facilitated finance and tax credits
  • Innovation, R&D and technology transfer

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