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"He who reads learns much but he who observes learns more."
(A. Dumas)

Temporary Manager™ S.P.A. Budgets


STM continues to grow strongly with double-digit %.
The merit is due to the entry of 3 new partners, the opening of new divisions, the opening of new branches all over the country and the increased number of STM Business Partners.
But perhaps the main merit is a winning business model, with the careful supervision of individual missions, the choice of the best managers available on the market and the offer of varied but connected services, which allow client companies to find in STM, the ideal Partner with all the managerial answers needed to grow.


BUDGET 2021 + 14,76 %
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BUDGET 2020 + 56,28 %
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BUDGET 2019 + 88,76 %
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BUDGET 2018 - 2,19 %
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