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"I don't live for myself, but for the generation to come."
Vincent van Gogh


Federico Ferrarini and Alessandro Lotto have developed an original method to deal with the problems of family successions, called the "Leading 4P Method".  This method was a result of research of the Leading Business School's based and practiced on real case histories.

The Method places the actors of the family succession in a chart with Cartesian axes that measure, on the one hand, the capabilities of the individual subjects and, on the other, their command of the strategic elements of the company; This allows the formulation of solutions concerning the placement of the actors in the various quadrants. The four quadrants of the scheme are thus named: the quadrant of power, the quadrant of the potential, the danger quadrant, the question mark quadrant. Hence the name of 4P. For each quadrant, there are a set of predetermined effect cause reports that help design the family succession.  The Method provides a map that describes the current situation, maps that describe the aspirations of individual subjects, a final map that describes the point of arrival of the family succession, and a plan of actions that describes how, from the current situation, we move to the final situation. A key element of the Method is that it must necessarily be included in a specific business plan drawn up for the purpose. The capabilities and strategic elements are not abstract but are related to the direction that the company intends to take for the future and the situation of the markets in which it intends to compete. The final synthesis of the process is done using the A3 Method.  




At the base of the scheme is a fundamental premise. It is necessary to divide very clearly the areas that are subject to the process of family succession: the family, the enterprise, the ownership. Each of these areas has its logic. The family is based on the concept of solidarity, the enterprise on meritocracy, the property on fairness between children. Leadings’ 4P method, focusing on the enterprise, leads to reasoning the various actors precisely on the objective level of capabilities and strategy.




Extract from the book “Come gestire il passaggio generazionale nelle PMI italiane”, by Gian Andrea Oberegelsbacher & Leading Network, published by WKI (Ipsoa) 2017


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