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"I've always set goals. Once you have reached one, you have to find another. New stimuli, new sap."
(Angie Everhart)

STM's corporate financial consultancy division assists companies in accessing the tax and financial instruments provided by EU, national and local authorities to promote business competitiveness and development.

STM implements structured processes for sustainable growth with a focus on R&D and innovation. All phases are managed by a multidisciplinary team of finance experts, engineers and professors from the Department of Industrial Engineering at the University of Salerno.
 The partnership with the companies Eng4life S.r.l. and EST S.r.l., both spin-offs of the University of Salerno, and First Hub S.r.l., allows STM to manage investment, research and technology transfer projects with an integrated approach. The activities performed range from technical, financial and fiscal assistance to the start-up phase of the initiative to project management, from technical-administrative reporting to controls, from scientific testing to technology transfer


  • Strategic planning and finance management enterprise (financial analysis and planning guarantees and financing, subsidized finance EU, national and regional - PNRR, PON,ROPs, EU Thematic Programs)
  • Tax incentives regulated by national regulations (R&D Tax Credit, Patent Box, Tax Credit for Tax Credit for Investments in the Mezzogiorno, Credit tax credit for ZES areas, Credit for investments in capital goods Industry 4.0, Training 4.0)
  • Technical and scientific audit of facilitation practices
  • Technical assistance in the assessment and Litigation


There are many ways to deliver finance and incentives:

  • non-repayable grants to
  • tax credits
  • guarantees on funding
  • subsidized funding


Studio Temporary Manager assists companies, through specialist visits conducted in the company or remotely, in a path that consists of the following fundamental phases:

1. monitoring and scouting,
2. free preliminary feasibility analysis,
3. instruction and presentation of the design proposal,
4. administrative, financial and scientific management of projects,
5. technical and administrative reporting of investment programs.



million concessions
(tax credits European funds and subsidized financing)


(in all sectors)


(engineers and financial experts nationwide)

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