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Rationalization can involve the aggregation of e business units, divestment of businesses that are no longer strategic or profitable and  concentration of support activities at Corporate level. Also re-shoring and in-shoring may be necessary to guarantee the profitability of the business (especially in complex corporate contexts, multinationals, post-M&A operations, fund participations and club deals).

STM can provide the appropriate managerial support to extraordinary operations in various scenarios:

 Business unit divestment / cessation of activities by drawing up the divestment operating plan, guaranteeing the continuity of industrial activities until termination and managing the necessary trade union and institutional and institutional negotiations

 Industrial transfer support, including the securing know-how, aggregations of plants, transfer of machinery and equipment and start-up of new production sites, including green field or brown field

 Corporate-level aggregation of support functions (AFC, HR, Supply Chain and procurement) according to the logic of cost optimization and maximum efficiency


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