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"Un sogno è solo un sogno. Un obiettivo è un sogno con un progetto e una scadenza."
(Harvey B. Mackay)


Companies often face challenging projects without having the necessary and adequately trained resources in-house. The importance of managing projects on time, within budget and meeting technical objectives is fundamental for success.
A Temporary Project Manager has the skills to plan and supervise all aspects of a project and achieve objectives on time and within budget. It requires the ability to organize people, tasks and resources for the project duration and doesn’t overburden the company structure.


The Interim Project Manager ensures the management of projects from development to construction and implementation, including authorizations, planning, technical and economic estimating, engineering, layout review, project controls, bid phase services, procurement, materials management, progress management, cost control, closure and verification. Equally important is the reporting of project progress and the timely analysis of any deviations and corrective actions. STM Project Managers have consolidated experience and are highly active in supporting the corporate structure.

STM areas of intervention:

• Relocation - aggregation of production sites
• Acquisition and installation of new plants
• Construction of new sites, also abroad
• Management of specific orders

• Development and start-up of production of new products

• Technology transfer
• Outsourcing and reshoring

• Special Projects


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