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"In the short run, the most dangerous competitors are the ones who most resemble your business."
(Philip Kotler)


The crisis that has hit Italian companies with the blockade of many activities to counter the spread of the Corona Virus. The impact has been a significant decline in turnover accompanied by a relative decrease in margins, the companys’ assets, and financial resources. The financial resources have been hit for unresolved payments, from the customer, along the supply chain products and from the network of company partnerships.

In addition to the traditional solutions given by financial restructuring and/or industrial restructuring, there is a whole range of solutions that are characterized by the search for industrial and financial partners. These partners can provide venture capital,  provide opportunities for business co-operations that can take various technical forms. The crisis, in this case, becomes an opportunity to follow paths that at other times would not even have been considered. STM can assist the company in these paths to by presenting other parties who are willing to put their resources into play to support and develop the company’s business. 


STM can be useful to institutional or industrial investors, not only as a proposer of opportunities in terms of deals, but also with the following options:

  • offer management for the companies they acquired in Italy, to manage operations or facilitate mergers
  • offer Business Due Diligence for the industrial evaluation of the company to be acquired
  • the insertion of managers can take place in a very short time (10/15 days), either with the classic Search & Selection or with team missions of multiple managers, supervised under the aegis and responsibility of STM
  • insertion of STM Members or Business Partners, in the Board of Directors with delicate, doubtful or difficult dynamics.

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