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"In the short run, the most dangerous competitors are the ones who most resemble your business."
(Philip Kotler)


The M&A division of STM, through a multidisciplinary team of managers with international experience, assists entrepreneurs and managers of SMEs and large companies in the strategic, organizational and financial management of extraordinary transactions, having its mission in maximizing value.

The STM method consists of a wide range of integrated and modular services, which is based on three operational pillars:

Pre-M&A activities (Strategy and Performance Improvement)
Our multidisciplinary team of specialists in the strategic, financial and operational area is able to simulate the different integration scenarios, identifying the risk of the operation as well as the synergies and opportunities for creating value not yet expressed by the markets or by the business itself. corporate.
STM managers are able to implement specific plans for maximizing business value through the improvement of business processes and governance, the implementation of new business strategies, direct intervention in the field of operations and production processes, support for the definition and implementation of commercial plans, restructuring and turnaround, corporate reorganization, fiscal and financial optimization and asset protection.

Post-M&A activities (M&A integration)
Our managers have over twenty years of experience in the management, in Italy and abroad, of operational integration / aggregation operations of different businesses, organizations and information systems, planning and monitoring the results obtained in the first transition period ("M&A Integration ") in order to achieve a faster, more effective and efficient achievement of the acquisition objectives (and, at the same time, to safeguard the earn-out).


STM can be useful to institutional or industrial investors, not only as a proposer of opportunities in terms of deals, but also with the following options:

  • offer management for the companies they acquired in Italy, to manage operations or facilitate mergers
  • offer Business Due Diligence for the industrial evaluation of the company to be acquired
  • the insertion of managers can take place in a very short time (10/15 days), either with the classic Search & Selection or with team missions of multiple managers, supervised under the aegis and responsibility of STM
  • insertion of STM Members or Business Partners, in the Board of Directors with delicate, doubtful or difficult dynamics.

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