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“A generation plants trees; another takes the shadow. "
(Chinese proverb)


Anticipating Einstein, the ancient Greeks had already understood that time and space have a very close and far from easy bond between them. The time of humans, personified in the god Cronus, is a son of heaven, that is, of Uranus. Complicated cosmogonies - as in all ancient cultures, family relationships not always easy, yesterday as today; especially when fathers have important roles and pressing agendas, which leave little time to properly care for the relationship with their children.
Cronus, who had already resized his father Uranus to replace him at the helm of the family business with a coup de hand (saying to act also on behalf of the brothers who in reality will not have any role from him, nor will they get any consideration), eliminates one after the other also all his children, until the last one, Zeus, manages to deceive him and takes his place.
Thus begins, according to Greek mythology, true life, the one in which all our human affairs take place; yet the time when Cronus ruled will always be remembered as the golden age ... "It was better when it was worse": the consoling lie of all the elderly.
Not for nothing - says Hesiod - when in the end Zeus frees his father (whom he had seen fit to lock up in Tartarus just after the coup), he sends him with an insignificant assignment to govern the Isle of the Blessed ...
A bit like many disarmed big names (from entertainment, football or politics, it's the same) who, once ousted, end their respective careers quite ingloriously with an appearance on the Island of the Famous.


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