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Ricerca 16/07/2019

Le ricerche si intendono rivolte ad ambo i sessi. Si pregano i manager interessati di registrarsi presso il database dello Studio Temporary Manager™ sul presente sito alla sezione "Lavora con noi" e di inviare il c.v. all’indirizzo richiamato nell’annuncio citando il riferimento indicato, autorizzando al trattamento dei dati personali.


Studio Temporary Manager™ is looking for a professional with expertise as CEO/General Director for a team mission of ca. 12 months, where the candidate will work as temporary manager directly employed by STM with VAT (€ 120/150.000 annually + MBO to be agreed, all travel expenses will be reimbursed), with the possibility of being hired by the client as permanent CEO/top manager once the mission is concluded. The mission requires full time availability of the candidate immediately.

Our client is an European Investment Fund, which is negotiating the acquisition of 3/4 European companies in the indicated sector. The Fund is looking for a senior skilled manager, with previous experience and international standing, who will first support the business due diligence process of the 3/4 acquired companies, and, once the acquisition is completed, he/she will represent the Fund in the Board of Directors of the acquired companies. English language proficiency, in both speaking and writing, and familiarity with international reporting are required. Knowledge of other foreign languages and previous reporting experience to investment funds will be considered a strong plus.

We are looking exclusively for an expert/specialist in the international logistic & expedition sector, in which the manager should have been working for at least 60-70% of his professional career, with experience in several positions and within different companies in that sector.
Other aspects which will be taken into account will be: charismatic profile, international standing, sensibility towards business ethical issues, ability to mediate conflicts and to fascinate people, managing several different and peculiar professional categories and gathering them together towards a common goal of improving companies growth and accomplishing the mission objectives.

Position Responsibilities:

  • Define the Group strategy and growth options;
  • Coordinate and manage 3/4 companies, turning them from single independent companies into a synergic and unified Group, working together with the entrepreneurs and the managers of each company/plant;
  • Represent the Group in front of external stakeholders;
  • Work closely and in a synergistic way with the CFO, in order to:

- present both to the Administrative Board and to external stakeholders periodic economic and financial reports;
- evaluate possible investments and the relative risks;
- support the Board in its investment decisions (e.g. new plants);
- optimize cash flow through its primary leverage;

  • Guide your team and implement the strategy through coordinated actions within all corporate functions;
  • Oversee technical and operative areas to control costs and the Group compliance with normative standards and best practices in the sector;
  • Engage with the managers and the employees responsible for productive plants, withthe objective of optimizing both production and supply chain, and of guaranteeing the respect of the overall planning.


  • Pragmatic approach and “hands-on” attitude;
  • Ability to listen and to integrate different cultures;
  • Leadership and ability to effectively and efficiently work in teams;
  • Professional standing, entrepreneurial attitude and ambitious personality;
  • English language proficiency (professional working level);
  • Age: 40-55 years old.

Interested candidates (only if all the requirements are met) are kindly asked to submit their c.v. in English and in Italian with a picture (word format nominated “first name last name”, without acronyms) to  a.ober@temporarymanager.info, mentioning the reference number CEO160719, and specifying in the e-mail text the following points:
1. Availability to start immediately;
2. Satisfaction with the proposed monthly remuneration;
3. Possession of VAT number or the willingness to open it immediately;
4. Knowledge level of the English language and, eventually, of other languages;
5. Expertise in the indicated sector;
6. Eventual C.V. external assessment and the Authority who released the certification.

Studio Temporary Manager™ will contact only the candidates who will be considered adequate. The candidates who are not registered in the STM database are invited to register at the following link to be notified for future researches: www.temporarymanager.info/contatti/.

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