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"We need a new environmental awareness on a global basis. To do this, we need to educate people."
(Mikhail Sergeevich Gorbachev)


Over the next 10 years, companies will have to take on the challenges that we will be called upon to face with great responsibility, acting from a green perspective, both by adapting production processes and by designing and creating new sustainable product categories. This will be all the more necessary in order to fully grasp the opportunities offered by the Next Generation EU and the other opportunities and funds that the European Community will make available, with the aim of maintaining its competitiveness intact in a market destined to change rapidly in many sectors. and radically. In Italy, the recent creation of the Ministry for Ecological Transition wanted by the Draghi government goes exactly in this direction, which is no longer eluding. STM is ready to support companies on issues concerning the Ecological Transition, offering suitable tools and solutions to safeguard their business in the coming years and for the next generations.


  • Research and selection of managerial figures specialized in the planning and management of green transition projects;
  • Support to companies for the management of the transition to the Ecological Transition, both in terms of corporate culture and in the definition of the fundamental steps (planning);
  • Advice on the identification, request and management of tax and financial benefits reserved for ecological transition interventions;
  • Direct support in the implementation of green transition projects (green economy and circular economy);
  • Identification of functional KPIs to quantify the effectiveness of the green transition and the recognition in the market of the results achieved;
  • Social and environmental balance;
  • Green Business Assessment.