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"We need people who are good and not just good people."
(Henry Ford)


The researches are intended for both sexes. Interested managers are requested to send the C.V. to the email address of the announcement by citing the no. of reference and authorizing the processing of personal data or register with the Studio Temporary Manager ™ database on this site in the "Contacts" section.


Research Opening day Role Sector Region Status research
EXP040919 04/09/2019 Export Manager Animal nutritionism Emilia Romagna CLOSED
TEM300920 30/09/2020 Temporary Export Manager Lusso Marche OPEN
TEC290920 29/09/2020 Tecnologo di Processo Dolciario Veneto OPEN
DSF290920 29/09/2020 Direttore Stabilimento Dolciario Veneto OPEN
COO070920 07/09/2020 Direttore Operations Automotive Veneto CLOSED
RMP070920 07/09/2020 Responsabile processi Prodotti per edilizia Veneto CLOSED
AT070820 07/08/2020  Direttore Generale Prodotti per edilizia Lombardia CLOSED
RP070820 07/08/2020  Responsabile di processi Prodotti per edilizia Veneto CLOSED
SCM070820 07/08/2020  Supply Chain Manager Elettronico Veneto CLOSED
DG070820 07/08/2020  Direttore Generale Calzaturiero Veneto CLOSED
DGH230720 23/07/2020 Direttore Generale Temporary Business Hospitality Nord Italia CLOSED
EXP160720 16/07/2020 Export Manager Quarta gamma Nord Italia CLOSED
DGP030720 03/07/2020 Direttore Generale Permanent Lamiera Veneto CLOSED
DGC260520 26/05/2020 Direttore Generale Temporary Cartotecnica Veneto CLOSED
DGT250520 25/05/2020 Direttore Generale Temporary Lamiera Veneto CLOSED
CFO070520 07/05/2020 Chief Financial Officer Prodotti per la casa Brianza CLOSED
COO050520 05/05/2020 Operations Manager Temporary Informatica Abruzzo CLOSED
SM300420 30/04/2020 Security Manager Sicurezza Lombardia CLOSED
DG290420 29/04/2020 T.M. con esperienza DG Impianti Veneto CLOSED
COO220420 22/04/2020  Responsabile Operations Industriale Veneto CLOSED
CRO020420 02/04/2020 Chief Restructuring Officer Impianti Lombardia CLOSED
RPP310320 31/03/2020 Responsabile programmazione produzione Metalmeccanico Veneto CLOSED
DGT190320 19/03/2020 Direttore società autotrasporti Trasporti Veneto CLOSED
RC050320 05/03/2020 Responsabile Commerciale Metalmeccanico Padova CLOSED
PM030320 03/03/2020 Project Manager Grafica e stampa Verona CLOSED
COO260220 26/02/2020 Operations Manager Temporary Informatica Abruzzo CLOSED
CFO260220 26/02/2020 Chief Financial Officer Prodotti per la casa Brianza CLOSED
AM210220 21/02/2020 Area Manager per macchinari e impianti Macchinari e impianti Veneto CLOSED
DC210220 21/02/2020 Direttore Commerciale Macchinari e impianti Veneto CLOSED
DOT200220 20/02/2020 Direttore Operativo Autotrasporto Trasporti Veneto CLOSED
DOL170220 17/02/2020 Direttore Operativo Logistica ADR Nord Italia CLOSED
MAN230120 23/01/2020 Esperto in Manutenzione & Gestione Ricambi Tessile Italia/Egitto CLOSED
ADS220120 22/01/2020 Amministratore di sistema Food Trentino Alto Adige CLOSED
PMT161219 16/12/2019 Plant Manager Recycling Veneto CLOSED
PMT161219 16/12/2019 Plant Manager Recycling Veneto CLOSED
DC271119 27/11/2019 Direttore Commerciale Prodotti tecnici Veneto CLOSED
RBU271119 27/11/2019 Responsabile Business Unit Materiali edili Veneto CLOSED
CFO171219 17/12/2019 Chief Financial Officer Finanza Lombardia CLOSED
CFO200619 20/06/2019 Resp. amministrazione finanza controllo Moda Veneto CLOSED
EXP311019 31/10/2019 General Director Logistica/Spedizioni Europa CLOSED
COO211118 21/11/2018 Direttore Operations Chimica Veneto CLOSED
FSE151018 15/10/2018 Field Service Engineer Elettronico Singapore CLOSED
LOG051018 05/10/2018 Responsabile Logistica Metalmeccanico Friuli CLOSED
AMM250918 25/09/2018 Impiegato Amministrativo-Commerciale Sportivo Toscana CLOSED
COO170918 17/09/2018 Direttore Operations Elettronico Lombardia CLOSED
EXP050918 05/09/2018 Export Area Manager Metalmeccanico Veneto CLOSED
COO240818 24/08/2018 Direttore Operation Elettronico Abruzzo CLOSED
BDM030818 03/08/2018 Business Development Manager Prodotti per arredo Veneto CLOSED
MMJ210718 21/07/2018 Marketing Manager Junior Sportivo Toscana CLOSED
COO140618 14/06/2018 Direttore Operations Elettronico Umbria CLOSED
SM280218 28/02/2018 Sales Area Manager Elettronico Umbria CLOSED
COO260218 26/02/2018 Responsabile Operation Metalmeccanico Veneto CLOSED
PM220218 22/02/2018 Project Manager Metalmeccanico Veneto CLOSED
RUT031117 03/11/2017 Direttore Ufficio Tecnico Arredamento Veneto CLOSED
CCO031117 03/11/2017 Controller Chimica Veneto CLOSED
BDM131017 13/10/2017 Business Developer Manager Elettronico Umbria CLOSED
HRM131017 13/10/2017 Responsabile Risorse Umane Elettronico Umbria CLOSED
PEM190917 19/09/2017 Product Engineering Manager Industriale Lombardia CLOSED
CCO130717 13/07/2017 Controller Tecnologico Marche CLOSED
COO160617 16/6/2017 Responsabile Operation Metalmeccanico Verona CLOSED
PRM090517 09/5/2017 Projects Manager Riscalda./Raffred. Resident manager Saudi Arabia CLOSED
CLO110117 11/1/2017 Direttore logistica Moda Lombardia CLOSED
CFO010117 1/1/2017 Direttore amministrazione finanza controllo Elettronico Umbria CLOSED
CPO241116 24//11/2016 Direttore acquisti Prodotti per arredo Veneto CLOSED