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"Millions have seen the apple fall, but Newton was the one who asked why."
(Bernard Baruch)

Training processes geared to the digital transformation and integration of companies can be partially funded with dedicated  tax credits (National Plan Industry 4.0), which vary upon the size of the company.

  • For small businesses there is  a  50% tax credit of  the cost of the employee training activities with  a maximum annual limit of 300,000 Euros
  • For medium-sized companies there is a 40%  tax credit of the cost of personnel involved in training activities with  a maximum annual limit of 250,000 Euros.
  • For large companies a 30%  tax credit of the cost of employees engaged in training activities, with a  maximum annual amount of 250,000 Euros.

STM  can support companies throughout the process of planning, delivery and reporting of the training course by carrying out the following activities.

  • Analysis of training needs
  • Design of the training project for the technological and digital transformation,  as an accredited body ISO 9001:2015 - EA 37
  • Delivery and monitoring of training activities
  • Issue of the of related participation certificates as required by the legislation on tax credit for training 4.0.
  • Functional accounting for access to tax benefits
  • Accounting certification of training costs

The eligible expenses for the tax credit are as follows:

  • personnel costs related to trainers for the hours of participation in training
  • operating costs related to trainers and training participants directly related to the training project: travel expenses, materials and supplies directly related to the project, depreciation of tools and equipment for the portion to be related to their exclusive use for the training project. Accommodation costs are excluded, with the exception of the minimum accommodation costs necessary for participants who are workers with disabilities
  • costs of consulting services related to the training project
  • personnel costs related to training participants and indirect overhead costs (general, administrative, rental) for the hours during which participants attended training.



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