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“A generation plants trees; another takes the shadow. "
(Chinese proverb)

In Germanic mythology the supreme god, Odin, is the only one who knows everything, but his is a knowledge that he cannot and must not (or does he not want?) To share with anyone, also because it cost him an eye ... he had to leave as a pledge to the fountain of wisdom, guarded by the giant Mimir whom Odin - in exchange - beheads, taking his head with him, which he will continue to consult: beware of the talks with the headhunters ...) Only he, Odin, has the "Password" of the runic system. Only he knows how to write, he knows how to forge words, giving shape to sounds and name to everything. Invent logos, brands and slogans. But all this happens because he is him: he is omnipotent and omniscient and, therefore, no child, that is, none of the gods nor of humans, can ever be at his level. It is the prototype of the unique, charismatic, inimitable, unreachable and therefore, in the end, irreplaceable garment. If it were also true, of course, such a cumbersome personality does not foresee, does not allow or prepare any passing of the baton between the children or the closest collaborators. Odin knows only one strategy: to win or die, and it is valid for him as for all his disciples / employees ... Those of that time, at the time of the Germanic populations model "Throne of Swords", up to the millennial and bloodthirsty delusions of the painter by Braunau. And in fact, in the end, despite all the wisdom and power of Odin and his hosts of most faithful executors, his entire system collapses which "could not" have heirs; and he himself, together with his whole world, is replaced by another religion ... A bit like certain business leaders who, not only do not prepare for the family succession, but do not even manage to grasp the signs of the times at the right time , continuing, undeterred, to produce things that the market no longer asks for. Except to be surprised, when the curtain falls on the last act. Wagnerian, of course.


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