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“A generation plants trees; another takes the shadow. "
(Chinese proverb)

In 1999, Ericsson, which, not surprisingly, is based in Sweden, developed a system capable of connecting together all the devices that we carry in our pockets (mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, etc.) to allow the exchange of related data. without the need for cables or interconnect programs. An innovation which was given the curious name of "Bluetooth" and which was immediately married by Sony, Ibm, Intel, Toshiba, Nokia and others, so much so that it is now a standard communication system present in every portable device. Perhaps not everyone knows the story behind the name and logo chosen. In reality, it is the fusion of two letters written with the runic characters of the ancient Viking alphabet: the H and the B which were the initials of Harald Bluetooth, king of Denmark, who converted to Christianity in the mid-10th century. thus managing to pacify the small and quarrelsome kingdoms of the north and connecting his people with the rest of Europe at the time. His name was Harald Gormsson (son of Gorm) and was nicknamed Blåtand / Bluetooth, meaning "blue tooth". His story is told by the medieval monks Widuchindo of Corvey and Adam of Bremen who tell of the diplomatic and military skills with which he managed to unite all the peoples of the north. He built a network of circular castles (the "Trelleborgs") to guard his kingdom and a bridge, in Ravning, which is still standing after over a thousand years. In short, Harald Bluetooth was an innovator, able to alternatively use persuasion or force, depending on the case; a personality who had managed to talk to everyone, but who evidently could not establish an equally effective communication in his own home ... if it is true that he died in 986, while trying to placate a rebellion led by his son, Sven Barbaforcuta, who he will later become king of Denmark, Norway and England. We see that times had changed: young people were always in a hurry to change things and did not like to waste time in exhausting diplomatic meetings. So it happens when the most powerful, intelligent and innovative fathers fail to understand that it is time to fold. And if they don't understand it by themselves, the children take care of it, very quickly. Even without text messages.


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