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"The first way to evaluate a prince's intelligence is to see which men he surrounds himself with."
Niccolò Machiavelli (Italian historian, writer, playwright, politician and philosopher)

Federico Ferrarini

Federico Ferrarini Head of the Business Strategy Division

Born in 1956 in the province of Verona, he graduated in Economics and Commerce from the University of Verona with honors. He began his career as an auditor at a leading multinational audit and certification company, before moving on to the company roles in finance and financial control. Subsequently, for about twenty years, he successfully held roles of general manager and CEO in companies in crisis.    His fields of intervention have gradually expanded from the management of turnarounds into other areas, such as family business successions, reorganizations for development, trust roles in situations of corporate conflict. He has been the owner of an interim manager search company for many years and has developed specific expertise in the selection of human resources (a key competence for change management). He is also the founder of Studio Temporary Manager™ S.p.A., a member of the board and President of Leading Network and Vice President of Leading Business School.

Gian Andrea Oberegelsbacher

Gian Andrea Oberegelsbacher Head of the Sales & Marketing Division

Born in Verona in 1964, he has more than 25 years of management experience, from the Sales and Marketing  Board to the General Board and  CEO.  He gained his experience in international and highly competitive contexts.  He has worked in American and German multinationals, such as Gore-Tex® and Quelle Gruppo Schikedanz. He was  CEO of Air Machine and Zippo Fashion Italy.  An incisive and proactive manager with leadership experience in the fields of fashion, luxury, packaging, metalworking, distribution.  He has a history of successful interventions in Public Administration in Anas S.p.A, the Italian Inland Revenue Agency, and various Onlus. Expert in "making things happen"  in the management of change, start-ups of new businesses and M&A, operational reorganizations, and corporate revitalization.  He often works as a Director in delicate situations of corporate conflict, successions in family businesses, and mergers of companies. From 2010 he has been  Vice President of Leading Network, from 2003 to 2005 he was an Advisor to A.I.M.P.E.S. (Italian Association of Leather and Substitute Manufacturers), founding partner of Studio Temporary Manager™ S.p.A. and Leading Business School.
Personal website: www.temporarymanager.net

Author and Editor of 4 books on interim management, of which the last 3 in collaboration with members of Leading Network (all published by Wolters Kluver Italia, Ipsoa)

  • "Interim Manager, a professional in step with the times" 2011
  • "Recipes to get out of the crisis, solutions from Interim management" 2012
  • “Export Management, solutions from Interim export managers” 2016
  • "The generational shift" 2017)
Roberto La Caria

Roberto La Caria Head of the Operations Division

Born in Padua in 1968, during his career he has worked in important multinational and entrepreneurial companies holding various company positions, from the Operations Board to the General Board to that of CEO. He enriched his established professional experience with a Master's degree in Crisis and Change Management. In his more than 20-year career as Interim Manager in North American and Nothern European groups such as AGI-Ag Growth and Fuchs Petrolub AG, he has been involved in industrial reorganization projects, turnaround operations, M&A, Change Management and corporate relaunch. He has supported entrepreneurial companies during family succession, business development, and crisis solutions. He has recognized expertise in the metal and automotive, packaging, and food industries. Equipped with a global and synergistic vision of the different business areas, he is an operational manager with a practical and direct approach and relational and coaching skills that make him capable of rapid and effective interventions both alongside the company owner and in structured organizations.  He has the overseas experience and his language skills allow him to operate in complex and culturally diverse multinational contexts.

Alberto Cerini

Alberto Cerini Head of Turnaround & Financial Restructuring Division

Born in 1975 in the province of Mantua, he graduated in Business Administration from the Luigi Bocconi University in Milan with top marks. He is also an auditor, CTU of the Courts of Milan and Brescia and holds an Executive MBA from the Business School of the Milan Polytechnic. MISE innovation manager in the strategic, organisational and financial area from 2020. ECTP since 2021 (European Certified Turnaround Professional). Alberto has worked in audit and consulting companies in Italy and abroad, gaining significant skills in audit, financial and business due diligence, as well as in IAS/IFRS international accounting standards. Since 2010 he has been working exclusively on managerial turnarounds and debt restructuring, including certified turnaround plans, debt restructuring agreements and composition agreements. Expert in M&A in distressed contexts. Consolidated experience in the fashion, steel, mechanical, waste & water treatment, automotive and real estate sectors. He is a member of the Board of Directors of TMA Italia (Turnaround Management Association). He is a speaker at conferences on Restructuring and Turnaround.

Giuseppe Capriuolo

Giuseppe Capriuolo Head of the M&A and Facilitated Finance Division

Born in Avellino in 1981, he graduated in Economics and Business at the University "Federico II" of Naples with honours and special mention for his academic career. After holding senior positions in leading multinational audit firms and international law firms, he took on the roles of Chairman and CEO in manufacturing and service companies. He is currently CEO of a Spin-Off of the Department of Industrial Engineering of the University of Salerno. He holds a master's degree in tax law from the Scuola Superiore dell'Economia e delle Finanze of the Ministry of Economy and Finance "E. Vanoni" and a master's degree in "Industry 4.0" from the Politecnico di Milano. His areas of expertise range from project management of investment programmes financed by EU and national funds to assistance in the start-up and development phases of companies, from extraordinary corporate operations to management control, from corporate finance to tax planning and optimisation. He is a columnist for Fortune Italia magazine, as well as an author for business magazines and a speaker at conferences and conventions.

Leading Network

The 5 STM members and business partners are all associated with Leading Network (Italian Interim Managers Association), which brings together more than 186 members and Leading Business School. STM in the development of its missions refers to the ethical principles, quality standards, operational tools, and skills network of Leading Network & Leading Business School.