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"Millions saw the apple fall, but Newton was the one who wondered why."
(Bernard Baruch)

In critical times the vulnerability of a company may depend upon how unprepared it is.  If the company carries unresolved stakeholder problems or the finance managed poorly then the current crisis can "bite" deeper and threaten it’s survival.  An independent Check-up can measure the robustness of a company without being influenced by past events or emotional bias.

THE check up

The Check-up takes a 360-degree snapshot of the company from a neutral standpoint, it has contained costs . The Check-up highlights the critical points, risks, or inefficiencies on which to intervene. The Check-up at the customer is performed by  5/6 Interim Manager of STM and lasts  5/6 operating days in the company and within a 1 month, the final presentation is given. 

The areas of covered during the Check-up:

Finance, Banks, Administration, Operations & Supply Chain Commercial & Marketing - Benchmark on Competitors, IT Systems & Management Control - Business Climate & Human Assets – Facilitated Finance